Scentless ChamomileSpring will be here before you know it! And we need YOUR help with Noxious Weeds!

Columbine Lake has an active effort to manage & control our noxious weeds, both on private & community property. It is aptly named, the Weed Warrior Program. It is headed today by Mark Woltkamp & Neal Cross. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the noxious weeds around Columbine Lake. The 4 main state-listed noxious weed plants are:

  • Scentless Chamomile (primary target this year)
  • Oxeye Daisy
  • Yellow Toadflax
  • Canada Thistle

During our Slash & Trash weekend (end of July) we will have a booth set up for you to learn more about how to identify & manage these weeds. Turn in what you have removed from your property, & obtain a bag of grass seed to replace it. You can obtain a flyer from the clubhouse or the office which will give you lots of information. And watch for our upcoming newsletter. If you want specific information, feel free to contact Mark Woltkamp at Let’s remember … Wildlife will NOT eat them, so let’s get rid of them!



Don’t Miss Movie Night!

We are reelin’ & rockin’! Movie nights have been a hit at the clubhouse!

But before we show any more movies, we are trying to update our equipment. Therefore, we are asking you to please bear with us. . . until this happens, we are going to put movie night on HOLD.  We will update our movie night selections once we update our equipment.

Watch our website for updates!  Thank you.




CLCC Annual Meeting Coming Soon!


Before we know it, Memorial Day Weekend will be here, and that means the Columbine Lake Country Club Annual Meeting & Board Elections will take place.

New Board members will be announced at the Annual Meeting on Sunday, May 29th at 3:00pm – CLCC Clubhouse

Walk-in Voters will be allowed from 2:00-3:00pm, prior to the beginning of the meeting.

colorado bearWildlife Awakens!

As the snow melts & grasses begin to appear, bears come out of hibernation & elk, deer, moose & fox give birth to their babies, also beginning the hunt for food – they all need to eat & feed their young. Please keep a watchful eye as you take your walks around the neighborhood. Mother moose is VERY protective of her calves & can be quite aggressive. Be sure you keep a safe distance, and keep your dogs on a leash.

Bears just love the hummingbird feeders with their sweet nectar, so remember to keep these up high & out of reach. And bears are not the only ones that like this sugar-water. Moose & raccoons like it too!

Please be extra vigilant at this time of year. Remember, this is HOME to wildlife! But we can all enjoy it if we just take a few extra precautions.


Too Much ‘Doo’ for you?

Dog Poop . . . it continues to be an eyesore around Columbine Lake. We cannot ask you enough to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pick up your dogs doo-doo. There are several poop-sack stations around CLCC. Over winter we added 4 more poop stations, complete with sacks & trash bins to dispose of the dog poop. So please, we are asking everyone to please USE them!

Our four new stations are located at

  • Kinnikinnick & Deer Dr.
  • Kinnikinnick & Columbine
  • Columbine & Beaver
  • Columbine & Aspen

And for those of you that already clean up after your dog, we sincerely THANK YOU!



Fishing DerbyKids Fishing Derby!

Watch for more information for the kids fishing derby in May!  Bring the kids to watch us stock the lake, and then stay around for some special events!

If you’ve never had the opportunity to watch them put the fish in the lake, it’s a lot of fun. Adults love it almost as much as the kids.

Watch our website for more information as May approaches & we can confirm the date of the delivery. We will also provide more information on our Fishing Derby at that time!





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