Monday – Friday                7:30am – 4:30pm

CLOSED Wednesdays & Weekends

Game Nights and Pot Lucks !

Beginning January 2016, our local game nights and potluck dinners will be held on Friday nights so more people can participate! Check the CLCC calendar & the local bulletin boards for new dates.  Hope to see you there!

Is Yours Good Enough to Win?


On Saturday, February 13th (President’s Day Weekend), we will be hosting our first ever Gumbo/Clam Chowder contest!  You probably know this day as the “Chili Cookoff”!  We may be rotating every other year (depending on homeowner feedback),  between Chili and Gumbo/Clam Chowder. Here is what you need to know for this year:

  • Break out your favorite recipe for Gumbo or Clam Chowder
  • Be there no later than 4:45pm if you are entering the contest
  • Don’t forget there is a DESSERT category also!
  • Prizes will be given for 1st place only in each category
  • People’s Choice Award will also be given
  • Beverages will be provided by CLCC


New Vice President Named

Brian Owens has been elected by the Board as our newest Vice President of Columbine Lake. Brian has served on the board since last May and has made major strides in bringing Columbine Lake technology into the 20th century! Brian is responsible for the new website design and setting up a new PC in our office. He has been a very active member and a huge help to many of us! Thank you and Welcome Brian!


Too Much ‘Doo’ for you?

Dog Poop . . . it continues to be an eyesore around Columbine Lake. We cannot ask you enough to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pick up your dogs doo-doo. There are several poop-sack stations around CLCC & we hope to be adding more in the near future. There will also be trash bins available to dispose of the dog poop. So please, we are asking everyone to please USE them!

And for those of you that already clean up after your dog, we sincerely THANK YOU!


Weather Check

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