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CLCC no immediate plans to change what we are currently doing to mitigate the virus risk in our community.  The Clubhouse and Pool will continue to remain closed, as will the CLCC Office. David and Heike will continue to work from home to the extent possible but remain available through email  Community trash facilities remain open, but Recycling is still closed.

In lieu of this year’s Annual Meeting, we have scheduled a Special (Virtual) Meeting via teleconference on Saturday, June 6, 2020 at 10 AM to present the proposed budget to homeowners. The July 4th Picnic has not yet been canceled, however, will likely not take place due to the social distancing requirements that are expected to continue.

Any changes to the CLCC mitigation measures will be based on guidance from the State of Colorado and Grand County Public Health and will be communicated immediately to all CLCC owners via email.


TO:  All CLCC Owners

FROM: Mark Woltkamp

SUBJECT:  Memorial Day Weekend

DATE: May 20, 2020

Dear CLCC Owners,

With Memorial Day weekend fast approaching, Grand County Public Health has just released a statement outlining the state and county regulations and guidelines for COVID-19 mitigation in Grand County.  All CLCC owners are encouraged to review this statement at:

At Columbine Lake, our Clubhouse, Pool and Office will continue to remain closed during this Memorial. Day weekend.  We will review the future status as state and local guidelines evolve over the next week or two.

Our lake and hiking trails are open but, for the safety of all, we ask everyone to please adhere to the guidelines outlined in the county statement. Thank you.

Have an enjoyable and safe Memorial Day Weekend!

President, Board of Directors Columbine Country Club Grand Lake, Colorado


To: All CLCC Owners

FROM:  Mark Woltkamp

SUBJECT:  Watercraft at Columbine Lake

DATE: May 19, 2020

Dear CLCC Owners,

 The first day of Spring 2020 is already 2 months behind us and the first day of Summer (June 20) is just around the corner.  The classic signs of Late Spring are already quite evident:

         * The ice is off the lake

         * Aspens are starting to leaf out, and

         * Boats are magically starting to find their way back to the boat racks.

Before we all get too far along into our busy summer season, the CLCC board and staff would like to remind everyone about the basic rules and regulations concerning watercraft at CLCC.

1).  Watercraft Identification Requirement – All watercraft on the lake (including those attached to private docks) must be identified with the owner’s name and block/lot number placed in a visible location above the waterline.  Last summer, we made available to owners who attended the Annual Meeting, Columbine Lake boat stickers that included their name and lot and block numbers.  We asked the rest of the owners to pick up their stickers at the Office. If you have CLCC boat stickers, we ask that those stickers be placed on both sides of the watercraft near the front.  If you do not have a CLCC boat sticker, please use stick-on numbers/letters available at any hardware store as has always been done.  Once the Office reopens, we will take stock of our sticker inventory and will advise the community of the next steps to obtain a CLCC boat sticker.

Watercraft requiring identification includes not just standard boats, canoes and kayaks, but also pedal boats and stand-up-paddle (SUP) boards. The only exceptions to the identification requirement are soft-sided inflatables like inner tubes, swimming mats and fishing float tubes.

Unidentified watercraft on the lake will be directed to leave the lake.  Non-stickered or otherwise unidentified watercraft stored in common areas may be removed by CLCC staff for storage in our maintenance shed. Per the Homeowners Regulations, Article XIII, watercraft removed from community property by CLCC employees will incur a pick-up charge of $50, plus a $25 per month storage fee until the owner reclaims the watercraft.

2).  Boat Rack Storage – This year, for the first time ever, all owners who requested a boat rack and paid by the due date received one.  A few late arrivals came in after the lottery, so there is now a short waiting list.  If you no longer need your boat rack or if you are willing to share a large boat rack during the summer with another owner, please advise the CLCC office.

We are planning to build some new racks this year in the North Beach east area that will be smaller and designed just for kayaks and SUP boards.  We may also divide some of the larger rack spaces into smaller ones, again for storage of kayaks and SUP boards.  More info to come later.

3). Ground Storage of Watercraft – Overnight storage of watercraft on the ground in CLCC common areas is strictly prohibited, except for the designated area on the west side of the North Beach common area (Access VI).  For your reference, the North Beach common area is at the shallow end of the lake and the west side is the side in the direction of the Clubhouse. There are signs designating the specific area for on-ground boat storage.  This ground storage space is intended to be used exclusively for pedal boats that don’t fit in a normal boat rack and for owners who did not receive a boat rack slot in the lottery.  Space is limited,  so if you have a boat rack, please utilize it for your watercraft so that the ground storage area can be used by those who really need it.

In recent years, even if a boat rack had been allocated, some owners still chose to store watercraft on the ground for their convenience.  This occurred in all common areas but was most problematic on the east side of the North Beach, where at the end of last summer, we counted over 50 watercraft stored haphazardly on the ground. Ground storage in this area last year was not only a visible eyesore but also a safety issue and one that caused significant damage to our wetlands vegetation and shoreline.  (A couple of photos from last year are attached so you can see the extent of the problem).

This year CLCC staff will be making a concerted effort to keep watercraft off of the ground for overnight storage in non-designated areas.  Watercraft stored overnight on the ground in areas other than the west side of the North Beach will be removed and the fees discussed above will apply.

4).  Mooring of Watercraft – With the exception of private docks, overnight mooring of watercraft is prohibited at all common area boat docks and adjacent shorelines.   Watercraft moored overnight will be removed.

5). Safety – Use of watercraft on Columbine Lake is solely at the risk of each individual owner/operator.  CLCC has no lifeguard posted at the lake at any time nor does it have any responsibility to provide such a lifeguard service or to provide personal flotation devices.  Operators are strongly encouraged to utilize an appropriate life jacket for all users and occupants of watercraft.

CLCC is not responsible for damage to or theft of watercraft stored on or in CLCC community property or used on Columbine Lake.

All owners/operators of watercraft used on Columbine Lake are required to respect private property around the lake and to utilize such watercraft in a safe manner by avoiding swimmers and other watercraft.

6). Personal Identification on the Lake – At least one adult owner or operator of every watercraft using the lake must carry a CLCC-issued Owner Card or Fishing Pass.  The Owner Card or Fishing Pass must be presented upon request to ensure that only valid owners and their guests are utilizing Columbine Lake. Renters, both short term and long term, are not authorized to use the lake or carry an Owner Card or Fishing Pass. (See Homeowners Regulations, Article IV for more information).

In closing, please recognize that Columbine Lake is not only our most treasured CLCC amenity but is also our most heavily-used amenity!  We ask that everyone follow our simple regulations so that all owners and their families/guests can enjoy our beautiful lake this season.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!  Please contact the Office if you have any questions.   Have a great summer season and stay safe and healthy!

Mark Woltkamp President, Board of Directors Columbine Country Club


Grand Lake, ColoradoTO:  All CLCC Owners

FROM: Mark Woltkamp


DATE: May 19, 2020

Happy Memorial Day!

Under normal circumstances, we would be holding our Annual Homeowner Meeting this weekend to approve next year’s budget, elect/re-elect Board Directors, and provide an overview of our HOA business.  As you all know, since there is absolutely nothing “normal” these days, the Annual Meeting was canceled several weeks ago.

In lieu of this year’s Annual Meeting, we have scheduled a Special (Virtual) Meeting via teleconference on Saturday, June 6, 2020 at 10 AM to present the proposed budget to homeowners.  This week we will send out a formal Special Meeting notice via both email and regular mail to all owners.  The notice will include the budget mailer, showing the details of the proposed budget, as well as the call-in information and instructions for the virtual meeting.  Please watch your inbox and mailbox for this meeting notification.

Within a few days after the Special Meeting, we will send out to all owners via email, a link to our electronic voting platform, so you can cast your votes for the proposed annual budget.  This will be a simple “Approve or Do Not Approve” ballot just for the proposed budget.  The electronic voting platform is extremely easy to use based on several tests we have conducted.  It should take no more than a minute to vote but you will have a few days to complete voting just in case.

The voting results will be tabulated and verified quickly and will then be communicated to all owners via email.  This entire process is designed so that everything is completed well in advance of the end of the fiscal year on June 30.

Depending on what happens going forward with state and local regulations, we will either schedule a Virtual Annual Meeting later in the summer for the election of Board members or reschedule the face-to-face Annual Meeting for the Labor Day weekend.  More information will follow about that later as things develop.

Thank you for your patience during these challenging times.  Stay safe and stay healthy over this Memorial Day weekend.

Mark Woltkamp

President, Board of Directors


TO:  All CLCC Owners

FROM:  Mark Woltkamp

SUBJECT:  CLCC Coronavirus Update

DATE:  April 27, 2020

Dear CLCC Owners,

This week the State of Colorado will start to loosen COVID-19 restrictions with the lifting of its “stay-at-home” order on Sunday night, April 26.  Governor Polis has encouraged local health officials to implement their own strategies based on what is best for their communities. Several Colorado counties, mostly along the Front Range, chose to extend their local “stay-at-home” orders into early May.

Grand County never issued a “stay-at-home” order so there was NO extension.  However, Grand County’s ban on Short Term Rental (STR) Lodging HAS been extended through May 21.  All CLCC registered STR owners have been advised of this extension via a separate communication.  Please refer to the following link should you wish to learn the specifics about Grand County’s STR ban, including requirements and compliance measures:

Grand County Public Health is still actively discouraging second homeowners from coming to the county to use their second homes as a haven from COVID-19 due to limited resources, supplies and health care capacity.    Please note that CLCC has no regulation that prohibits second homeowners from using their properties.

Grand County Public Health and the COVID-19 Response Team are working on a Reopening Plan that will be released within the next few days.  The Plan outlines a phased approach to reopening the county in a slow and controlled manner.  You can follow this at:

Within CLCC, there are no immediate plans to change what we are currently doing to mitigate the virus risk in our community.  The Clubhouse and Pool will continue to remain closed, as will the CLCC Office. David and Heike will continue to work from home to the extent possible but remain available through phone or email.  Community trash facilities remain open, but Recycling is still closed.   The CLCC Annual Meeting scheduled for May 24 has been postponed but no reschedule date has yet been set. The July 4th Picnic has not yet been canceled, however, will likely not take place due to the social distancing requirements that are expected to continue.  The April 11 Board of Directors Meeting was successfully conducted as a virtual meeting using a teleconference platform and the May 9 board meeting will use the same teleconference format.  More information to follow.

Any changes to the CLCC mitigation measures will be based on guidance from the State of Colorado and Grand County Public Health and will be communicated immediately to all CLCC owners via email.  Please refer to the CLCC website ( for information about how our community is dealing with the virus crisis and to see links to local websites and articles about available resources related to the crisis.

Thank you for your continued attention.  Stay safe and stay healthy!

Mark Woltkamp

President, Board of Directors Columbine Country Club Grand Lake, Colorado



FROM:  Mark Woltkamp

SUBJECT:  New Grand County Public Health Order for STRs

DATE:  April 3, 2020

Dear CLCC Owners,

As was mentioned in my President’s Letter a few days ago, on Tuesday March 31, Grand County Public Health issued a public health order prohibiting all Short-Term Rental (STR) properties from operating and taking new reservations through April 30, 2020.  This order became effective yesterday, April 2, at 5:00 p.m. MST.

Quoting the Grand County Public Health Director (Brene Belew-La Due), “this order is designed to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in Grand County; it also aligns with orders from the State of Colorado that were implemented on March 26, 2020”.   For those of you who wish to read the specific details of the order, please find below a link to the actual order that was signed and released by Grand County Public Health.

All CLCC-registered STR owners received a letter a few days ago from Geoff Schaney, the CLCC board member who oversees STR related issues for CLCC.  Geoff wanted to ensure that all CLCC STR owners were aware of the order, especially those who live out-of-state or otherwise might not have been aware of this local directive.

In its press release, Grand County stated that local authorities will work toward voluntary compliance or will utilize the proper means necessary to enforce the order.  Failure to comply is subject to a fine up to $5000, imprisonment in the county jail and may lead to suspension or revocation of the property’s county-issued STR permit.

Please note that this is a mandatory Grand County order and is NOT a CLCC directive or regulation.  CLCC owners should NOT contact CLCC staff or board members for any questions or compliance concerns about this order.

If you have questions regarding this order, you are directed to call the Grand County 24-Hour STR Hotline at 970-725-6022 or Grand County Short Term Rentals at 970-725-3737.  To report violations of this order or others, Grand County Public Health directs you to visit CO.GRAND.CO.US/VIOLATION .

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding during this crisis. Stay safe and stay healthy!

Mark Woltkamp


CLCC Board of Directors


FROM:  Mark Woltkamp

SUBJECT:  President’s Letter 3rd Quarter

DATE:  April 1, 2020

It is clear that the COVID-19 infection risk and the measures taken to mitigate that risk, will continue to impact the CLCC community into the foreseeable future. Health experts estimate that the effects will be felt for months to come – probably into summer.

Given the expected duration, the COVID-19 risk will soon further impact the way we as an HOA conduct regular business.  This current letter is to advise all CLCC owners of such impacts going forward over the coming months, until such time as a “resume to normal” directive is issued by Colorado state and local governing authorities. I apologize in advance for the length of this letter but all of the information is important to everyone in the community.


  2.  BOARD meetings will continue to be held on the second Saturday of every month but will be conducted virtually, utilizing a commercially-available phone or video conferencing platform. We are still determining the best option to use that will also allow for participation by owners wishing to attend.  The next board meeting is scheduled for Saturday, April 11, at 9 AM. More info to follow.

For the virtual meetings, BOARD MEETING AGENDAS will be significantly shortened to focus primarily on ongoing crisis and HOA management concerns.  Unless there is a critical need, no motions for new regulations, new proposals or changes to governing document language will be considered. Board voting during virtual meetings will therefore be limited to approvals of the prior meeting minutes and the monthly financials.  A Members Forum will be scheduled but will require owners to pre-submit comments or questions via email prior to any meeting.

  1. The CLCC ANNUAL MEETING, currently scheduled for Memorial Day weekend, Sunday May 24, will be postponed until either the July Fourth weekend or the Labor Day weekend, depending on the COVID-19 situation at the time.  Given the normally high number of annual meeting participants, there is no thought at this time to conduct a virtual annual Meeting.

The ballot process for the ELECTION FOR OPEN BOARD MEMBER POSITIONS and the APPROVAL OF THE ANNUAL BUDGET, which are normally coincident with the annual meeting, will be postponed until the rescheduled date of the annual meeting  – unless a safer and viable voting methodology can be found.  The current manual voting process using mail-in and in-person ballots requires significant lead time preparation and person-to-person interaction that would violate current COVID-19 restrictions and put people at risk.  We continue to look at different options, but tech experts tell us that a reliable and confidential electronic voting process is probably not in the cards at this point.

If the ELECTION FOR OPEN BOARD MEMBER POSITIONS cannot be held before the end of May, the three (3) expiring terms of current board members (Liza Eilers, John Amerman and Becky Brentlinger) will be automatically extended until an election can take place.  The three candidates are willing to extend their terms so this poses no risk to the HOA or the board.  (When the board election can be scheduled, a new notice will be sent to the community to advise interested owners to self-identify for a potential board position).

If the ballot process for the APPROVAL OF THE ANNUAL BUDGET cannot be held, then this year’s current approved budget will likewise be extended until a ballot can take place.  Next year’s budget is being developed as we speak by the Board Treasurer, Scott Wilson, along with the Budget Committee (David Kaeding, John Amerman and Geoff Schaney).  Once it is finalized and approved by the board, we will send out the proposed budget to all owners for your review, regardless of whether or not a ballot process will take place soon.

The current year’s budget is due to expire at the end of our fiscal year on June 30. Extending this year’s current and approved budget past that date will allow us to maintain our essential services such as payroll, utilities, road maintenance, trash, building maintenance, etc. Should the current budget be extended, the board and staff have made a commitment to minimize all discretionary spending and to strictly maintain the current expenses and trends.  Maintenance, repairs or renovations in the Clubhouse and Office that are already approved and funded (in Operating budget or Reserves) may take place during this closure period, as long as they can be completed without compromising anyone’s health and safety.

Directly related to the annual budget is the issue of ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEES – the HOA fees assessed to each lot owner. Based upon the preliminary budget for next year, there will be NO INCREASE in the annual fees for the next fiscal year.  They will remain at $875 per annum per lot.  Our governing documents require that we send out normal annual assessments by June 15, with assessments to be paid in full by July 31 or one-half by July 31 and the remainder by November 30 of the same year.


  2. All regularly scheduled social events like Pot Luck Dinners, Chili Cook-Offs, Game Nights, etc.  are temporarily suspended for the duration of the crisis.

  3. The Fourth of July Barbeque and Parade will remain on the calendar but is subject to change as needed.

  4. The annual Slash & Trash event, currently scheduled for the weekend of July 25/26, will remain on the calendar but is also subject to change as needed.


  1. Full-time staff (David and Heike) will continue to remain on the payroll with full benefits and are working from home to the extent possible.

  2. David and Heike will continue maintaining all essential services in our community – trash, roads, safety and security of community property, website communications, utilities, insurances, accounts payable and receivable, etc.  As CLCC employees, David and Heike are responsible solely for the management of the HOA.  Owners should not make requests of our staff to check on their private properties for security or maintenance reasons.  (Even under normal circumstances, we cannot do this for legal and insurance reasons).

  3. Heike will continue to update the CLCC website ( to keep everyone informed about what is happening in the community relative to the rapidly changing situation.  In addition to specific CLCC information, Heike will also include links to relevant websites for local/county news updates and resource information.  Please utilize this as your primary resource for CLCC information.

  4. David and Heike have remote access to emails but not to voice mails.  Voice mails are checked only sporadically so please do not leave any critical or time-sensitive messages on the Office voice mail.  Anything critical or time-sensitive should be sent via email to

  5. The Clubhouse, Pool and Office will remain closed for the duration of the crisis.  As soon as the snow melts, the Playground at the Office will also be closed.  The Lake remains available for use by owners but we will take our guidance from the Colorado Department of Parks & Wildlife and US Forest Service in terms of any potential lake restrictions going forward.

  6. Part-time Clubhouse staff will remain on the payroll and will continue to be paid based upon the normal Clubhouse work schedule that would have been in place prior to the crisis. This is a normal budgeted expense and is the right thing to do for our loyal employees.  Part-time staff will be utilized when appropriate by David for one-off maintenance projects in the Clubhouse, as long as there is no health or safety risk to anyone and state health guidelines are followed.

  7. In order to save expense and time and to better manage health concerns, we are temporarily suspending the CLCC recycling program, effective immediately. Those gates and bins will be locked and we request that people do not leave recycling on the ground or throw it over the locked gates.  CLCC trash disposal facilities will continue to operate normally.  Ace Hardware in Granby provides recycling bins and can be contacted at 970-531-3349 for details.

I thank you all for your patience and understanding as we navigate through this crisis together.   Through email blasts such as this, as well as through the CLCC Website, we are committed to keeping all owners updated about the changing impacts in our community.  We certainly don’t have all the answers and would look to each of you to provide us with any relevant assistance or expertise you may have.  Should you have any suggestions, questions, concerns or comments about the management of our community during this crisis, please send it via email to the under the email subject heading of: CLCC Crisis Management.

Finally, I want to highlight some very late-breaking news.  Grand County Public Health just issued a mandatory cease and desist order for all short term rental (STR) activities in the county.  This order is effective April 2 at 5:00 PM and includes all STR properties in CLCC.  It requires all STRs to be vacated immediately and no new reservations can be taken for the period through April 30.  This will serve to help mitigate the virus risk in CLCC by reducing the number of outside visitors in the community.

Again, on behalf of the entire Board of Directors and the CLCC staff, thank you for your cooperation and understanding in these very challenging times.  Stay safe and stay healthy!

Mark Woltkamp


CLCC Board of Directors



FROM:  Mark Woltkamp

SUBJECT:  CLCC COVID-19 Information

DATE:  March 24, 2020

Dear Columbine Lake Owners,

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 crisis still dominates the waking thoughts and behaviors of virtually every person in the US.  Your CLCC Board of Directors and Staff continue to have discussions about doing whatever we possibly can,  within the limits of our governing authority, to help mitigate the virus risk in our community, beyond last week’s closing of the Clubhouse and the Office.

Everyone already knows exactly what we should be doing in terms of social distancing and other precautionary measures. The vast majority of people are already doing what they can to help “flatten the infection curve”.  Most impressively, so many good people are doing selfless and generous things to provide help and support to their families, friends, neighbors and communities during this time of crisis.

It has been well-publicized that some Colorado mountain communities have been particularly hard-hit by the virus and all of them have potential risks greater than communities along the Front Range. I want to share with you an excerpt from an article just put out by Grand County Public Health that puts into perspective the specific risk in Grand County and how all of us can be of help.

“Good afternoon! While we recently posted about the 10 ways to stay active during the COVID-19 outbreak, please realize that small mountain communities are NOT a safe haven from COVID-19 and we have very limited resources and supplies. We have only three small emergency departments and only two major grocery providers for the 15,000 permanent residents living here. We do not have the capacity to feed, house and care for a large number of visitors, especially immunocompromised or high-risk individuals. Please take this to heart when you think about traveling in Colorado. The safest actions you can take are: stay home, enjoy some fresh air and take care of your mind and body during this difficult time…..Thank you for your support and understanding”.

I sincerely request that CLCC owners heed Grand County Public Health’s plea to minimize travel into the county and, by extension, into CLCC.  The vast majority of CLCC owners are second-home owners (part-timers), but we do have approximately 10% of our homes utilized as full-time residences and many of those full-timers fall within the high-risk categories.  Moreover, we still have our staff, David Kaeding and Heike Wilson, working to keep our community running.  Please recognize that incremental visitors to our community equates to incremental risk.

Nobody knows what the new norm will be or when it will occur.  In the meantime, on behalf of all CLCC owners and employees, I ask that each of us please do our part by trying to minimize visits and visitors into our community.   We can do this by voluntarily following the board’s suggested guidelines below, to the extent possible:

1).  Part-timers are asked to minimize travel into CLCC by remaining in your primary residence locations;

2).  Both full-timers and part-timers are asked to minimize outside guests invited into the CLCC community;

3).  Owners of short term rental properties are asked to temporarily suspend rental activities within CLCC to minimize outside visitors into our community.

It is extremely important to emphasize that the above guidelines are only suggestions and are strictly voluntary.  We are not enacting any new regulations to mandate adherence to the guidelines nor will we be taking any actions to enforce the guidelines.  We only ask that, out of altruistic concern for your community, you follow the suggested guidelines where possible, until such time as the crisis abates.

Finally, I want to let you know that several members of our community have generously volunteered to provide support and assistance to any CLCC resident in need.  This could include picking up groceries, providing transportation, or running necessary errands.  If you should have a need or wish to volunteer, please contact Heike Wilson in the CLCC Office at 970-627-8120 or via email at A huge thank you to those kind souls who have already volunteered!!

Thank you in advance for your continued cooperation and understanding.  Stay safe and stay healthy!

Mark Woltkamp

President CLCC Board of Directors

Columbine Country Club Grand Lake, Colorado



TO:  All CLCC Owners

FROM:   Mark Woltkamp

SUBJECT: Clubhouse Closure

DATE:  March 15, 2020

Dear CLCC Owners,

In order to help mitigate the risk of coronavirus (COVID-19) in our community, we have decided to close the CLCC Clubhouse, effective immediately.  This follows on the heels of the recent closures of all ski resorts in Colorado and the Saturday closure of the Grand Lake Recreation Center.

The Clubhouse will remain closed and unstaffed for at least 30 days unless there are circumstances that warrant an earlier reopening.  The closure will logically be extended should conditions not improve.  No one but CLCC employees or contractors will be allowed to enter the Clubhouse.  The trash and recycling facilities will remain fully operational and the community roads will continue to be maintained.

Clubhouse staff will continue to be paid for their scheduled shifts/hours during the closure period.  Our GM, David Kaeding, will utilize the staff, where appropriate, to perform routine maintenance as well as intensive cleaning and sanitation of the facility.  We will take advantage of the down-time to drain the pool for acid-washing, which we do every year, but normally later in April after Spring Break.

David Kaeding and Heike Wilson, our new Administrator, will continue to staff the CLCC Office, but the Office will be physically closed to the public, including all owners, families, and guestsAll CLCC-related business can be conducted with David or Heike via the telephone 970-627-8120 or email

We will keep you informed as to any further developments.  We ask for your continued cooperation and patience as we all navigate through these unchartered waters.  Thank you.

Mark Woltkamp


CLCC Board of Directors


CLCC will do our best to keep you informed of what is happening with this rapidly changing situation.  Below are a few links for updated information and resources.  


Below is the Grand County announcement to allow opening Short Term Lodging including STR properties. Please read carefully and pay close attention to the caveats and expectations associated with the Grand County Variance Approval. A


We understand some of you are looking for when certain amenities to open and if future events will be held.  Unfortunately at this time everything is on hold due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  CLCC is staying close to Public Health orders and if restrictions allow non-essential business to be conducted then we will be able to make some decisions. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Several members of our community have generously volunteered to provide support and assistance to any CLCC resident in need.  This could include picking up groceries, providing transportation, or running necessary errands.  If you should have a need or wish to volunteer, please contact Heike Wilson in the CLCC Office at 970-627-8120 or via email at A huge thank you to those kind souls who have already volunteered!!

High-risk individuals can get grocery delivery from Mountain Market by emailing

Grand Lake Wine and Spirits are offering delivery to CLCC 970-627-3810

Mountain Family Center has to drive through food pantry in Granby M-F 9-3. Everyone is welcome!

COVID-19 Updates from Grand County

Resources for COVID-19 Community Emergency Response

Mountain Family Center

What Restaurants Are Open for Take-out by Skyhinews


New Architectural Committee (ARC) Members

Please help welcome our two members of the architectural committee, Rebecca Brentlinger and Mari Fountain.  As we embark upon the 2020 year, we are committed to providing continuity and balance on the architectural side of our neighborhood. Our goal this year is to update our by-laws and continue to expedite the approval of new construction and exterior improvement requests. You may not be aware that our community has grown rapidly in the past few years. We now have 456 homes and 150 lots; this has created a challenge on how the architectural committee works on the approval process.   Our community is no longer just a summer destination as it was when the by-laws were created back in 1969. We now have year-round residents, new construction material, and practices and the natural beauty that surround us.  The committee is sensitive to all these factors and we will work hard to incorporate all the elements into our updates.  We will be providing updates throughout the year, so keep reading your newsletter.

New Interim Board Member

We are pleased to announce that Becky Brentlinger has joined the CLCC Board of Directors as an interim replacement for the open board position created when Marilyn Binkley resigned from the board late last year. Becky has been a full-time CLCC resident since 2016 and is currently serving on CLCC’s Safety & Security Committee and the Architectural Review Committee (ARC).  She is a retired US Postal Service Executive (35 years) and also is a licensed Colorado realtor.  Please join me in welcoming Becky to the board!

Becky’s board position is labeled as “interim” because the term of the position she assumes is due to expire in May of this year.  Her position, along with two other current board positions whose terms are also expiring this year, will be subject to the annual board election process always done in conjunction with our Annual Meeting, scheduled this year on Sunday, May 24 (Mark your calendars now!).

New Administrator

We are very pleased to announce that Heike Wilson has joined the CLCC staff as Office Administrator.  Heike replaced Nancy Negri who, as you all know has happily retired.  Heike (pronounced hike-ee) has lived in Grand County for over 10 years and loves all it has to offer.  During the winter months, you can find her skiing and during the summer months, you can find her paddleboarding.  She has three kids 26, 20 & 17.




Volunteer Opportunities at Columbine Lake

If you would like the opportunity to volunteer at Columbine Lake.

We are always looking for Homeowners with specials skills that we might be able to utilize.  If you have a special skill we might be able to use please let us know.

please sign up here

Sign Up!

or email






Short Term Rental Complaint Hot Line #   970-725-6022

Citizen Report of Possible Violation of Public Health Orders (PHO)


Below is the Grand County announcement to allow opening Short Term Lodging including STR properties. Please read carefully and pay close attention to the caveats and expectations associated with the Grand County Variance Approval. As always, I will keep everyone updated as we navigate these unusual times.




Grand County Permit

Frequently Asked Questions


The lake is open, however, CLCC encourages everyone to respect Public Health order 20-28 Safer at Home Order which

  • Encourages all individuals to stay at home and avoid unnecessary interactions when possible
  • Wear cloth face coverings that cover the nose and mouth
  • Limit public and private gatherings to no more than 10


Boat lottery has been closed.  Email notifications have gone out with your awarded slip.  If you did not receive an email please check your “junk” folder or email

Boat Rack Map

Below is a map of the numbers for our boat racks. Please be sure your BLOCK & LOT numbers are on your boat!  Any questions, feel free to contact the office at  Thank you.


Weed Warrior

Don’t forget…. we always need YOUR help with Noxious Weeds!

Columbine Lake has an active effort to manage & control our noxious weeds, both on private & community property. It is aptly named, the Weed Warrior Program. It is headed today by Betty Bush. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the noxious weeds around Columbine Lake. The 4 main state-listed noxious weed plants are:

  • Scentless Chamomile (primary target this year)
  • Oxeye Daisy
  • Yellow Toadflax
  • Canada Thistle


ARBOR CARE Tree Service and Mistletoe which will give you lots of information. If you want specific information or would like to help, feel free to contact Betty Bush at Let’s remember … Wildlife will NOT eat them.

Animal Control Ordinances . . .

Please click here to read the Grand County Animal Control Ordinances.

Animal Shelter: (970) 887-2988

Sherriff’s Office: (970) 725-3343



Clubhouse and Office Hours – Office is closed to the public, including all owners, families, and guests due to COVID-19.  Email blast have been sent out on the regular basis to keep homeowners up to date on decisions.  


All CLCC-related business can be conducted with David or Heike via email

Office:  970-627-8120

PO Box 714, Grand Lake, CO  80447

Short Term Rental Complaint Hot Line #   970-725-6022


Clubhouse is currently closed due to COVID-19.



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