Directors and Management

NOTE to MEMBERS: The Board of Directors meets on the second Saturday of the every month at 9:00 am if you would like to attend please contact the office. There is a member forum at the beginning of each Board Meeting when any member can bring issues of concern or interest to the Board for review.


The Columbine Lake Country Club Board of Directors – Officers


Liza Eilers, President

CLCC Homeowner Since 1995

Term expires 2023



 Michael Boileau, Vice President

CLCC Homeowner Since 2013 

Term expires 2025 


JJ Joyce, 2nd Vice President

CLCC Homeowner Since 2010

Term expires 2025


Janna Sampson, Treasurer

CLCC Homeowner Since 2006

Term expires 2023


Geoff Schaney,

Assistant Treasurer

CLCC Homeowner Since 2016

Term expires 2024


Rebecca Fine, Secretary

CLCC Homeowner Since 1993

Term expires 2025


Sharon Illsley, Parliamentarian

CLCC Homeowner Since 1970

Term expires 2023






The Columbine Lake Country Club Management


Jason Gentry

General Manager

The Columbine Lake Country Club Maintenance


Dave Kaeding

Operations/ Maintenance Tech.


Donnie Kern



The Columbine Lake Country Club Architectural Committee

NOTE to MEMBERS: The Architectural  Committee meets on the 2nd Saturday of the month at 7:00 am at the Clubhouse when there are applications to review.

Jason Gentry

General Manager

Liza Eilers, Board Liaison

CLCC Homeowner Since 1995

Guy Ralfe

CLCC Homeowner 

Michael Boileau

CLCC Homeowner Since 2013

Stephen Tarr

CLCC Homeowner Since 2015

Cher Colin

CLCC Homeowner Since 2004

Your Columbine Lake Country Club Clubhouse Staff


Clubhouse SmallClubhouse Staff:

  • Renita McGrail
  • Will Reddy
  • Sadie Rozinek
  • Mikaleen Reed

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