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The History of Columbine Lake Country Club


CLCC is a private homeowners association in Grand Lake, Colorado with a 45 acre natural lake. We have 609 lots with 453 homes which adjoin Rocky Mountain National Park and the Grand Lake Golf Course. Columbine Lake area was originally a part of the Harbison Ranch, dating back to the 1880’s. The large open meadows on the left side of Highway 34 as you pass through the Rocky Mountain National Park gates are still called the “Harbison Meadows”.

The central part of the current office building on the east beach is the original log cabin built by the Harbisons in 1893, which was later used as a lodge for a fishing resort. Also on the east beach are parts of several old wagons and other relics dating back to the same period. The old spring wagon on the clubhouse lawn was purchased new in 1885 by the Harbisons. It was built by the Studebaker Corporation, which later manufactured automobiles.

Howard W. Breckon, after he was discharged from the Navy at the end of World War II, purchased the Columbine Lake area in 1945. He operated this as a summer fish camp known as The Columbine Lake Lodge and had his own fish hatchery. The hand hewn logs which can be seen on the lake bottom are all that remain of the hatchery building that stood near the northeast end of the lake. Several of the original cabins are still located along the east side of the lake, as well as the laundry building. Breckon enlarged the buildings and constructed much of the furniture originally contained in the cabins.

In May of 1969 the property known as Columbine Lake was purchased by Jim and Bill Isenhart, and they began developing the property as “Columbine Lake – A Joint Venture” in 1969 and 1970. Their brother-in-law Carl Anderson served as the senior sales manager. Water and sewer systems were installed and the clubhouse and swimming pool were designed and constructed. By 1973 there were over fifty homes built in the new subdivision. The gazebo behind the clubhouse was built in 1982 with volunteer help, and was paid for in part by a rummage sale and the sale of aluminum cans.

In the years following the initial development, Columbine Lake has added over 400 homes and has grown into a unique and vibrant mountain community, with a mix of full-time, seasonal and weekend residents. Columbine Lake owners enjoy year round recreational opportunities in the surrounding Grand Lake area, as well as a full slate of community sponsored events including an annual 4th of July parade and picnic, a Summer Concert Series, a pancake breakfast on Labor Day weekend, and a Chili Cook-off during the President’s Day Weekend. The Clubhouse building supports numerous activities during the year including potluck dinners, game nights, cub scout events, bridge groups and adult swimming sessions. Private parties are hosted by individual owners at the Gazebo in the summer time.

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