Your Document Library

This section includes all of the documents you will need to review and utilize from time to time as a homeowner of Columbine Lake Country Club.  Please click on the submenu above to view or download the documents described.  The sections included are as follows:

These documents include general homeowner information including:

  •      – Owner Rules and Regulations
  •      – CLCC Bylaws
  •      – CLCC Building Criteria
  •      – CLCC Protective Covenants

The Columbine Lake Country Club Board meets the second Saturday of every month.

This section includes the meeting minutes for the previous 12 months.

If you wish to see meeting minutes from previous period, please contact our office.

These documents include the required forms and information you will need when doing any home improvements of any kind.

The forms must be completed and forwarded to the Architectural Committee for review and approval in order for you to obtain the appropriate permits and details for your contractors.

Documents in this section include:

  •      – Home Improvement Forms
  •      – Variance Request Forms
  •      – Other Project Request Forms

This section includes other useful information you may need from time to time,  Documents in this section include:

  •      – Owner Card Rules
  •      – Group User Permits
  •      – ATV/Snowmobile Guidelines
  •      – CLCC Map
  •      – Tree Rules and Regulations
  •      – Hearing Procedures
  •      – Renter Postings
  •      – Boat Slip Access Map
  •      – Horse Pasture Registration Form
  •      – Horse Vaccination Form

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